Laundry Room Service

Create a Beautiful Multi-Purpose Laundry Room

Laundry Room Design & Construction

Bring life and functionality to one of the most commonly neglected spaces at home. Edram General Construction is the professional contractor that will help you out. Create a larger space for a new washer, add a sink or built-in shelves. Whatever design you have in mind for your laundry room, we help you build it.

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Laundry Room Design & Construction

Laundry Room Design & Construction

Edram General Construction is a professional and experienced contracting company serving homeowners in Frederick and surrounding areas in Maryland with expert remodeling services for laundry rooms and more. From the simple tasks of restoring or adding color to your newly redesigned laundry space, to creating an entire new setup for all your appliances, upgrading storage space, and building that special feature you need to make laundry time a breeze.

We Help You Design and Build from the Ground Up

With over 7 years in the construction field, the team of experts contractors at Edram General Construction will provide you with all the assistance you need to get your laundry space ready. Receive expert design advice, ideas, consultation in material selection, and professional construction service.

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